Our Story: Inspired by Grandma and LA Traffic

YAKS started like millions of other ideas – inside a car, stuck in traffic, with a little kid in the back seat demanding attention and entertainment.

The inspiration for the game came when my daughter and I were chatting in the car. The kid and I often passed the time by coming up with made up games. One of our games was an acronym game I made up. There is this building we pass dozens of time with the letters – GGBB. So, the genesis: I pointed to the letter and asked my somewhat literate 4-ish year old what does G.G.B.B. stand for?

“GRANDMA GOT BIG BUTT” came out of her mouth!

I laughed, and then she laughed, and then we laughed and traffic still didn’t move. So, I said, “I don’t think so.” My daughter smiled and bashfully asked, “Is it GRANDMA GOT BIG BOOBS?” So – that’s really how this all started.

Needless to say, my laughter from that day lead to my child seeing letters everywhere and trying to elicit the same laughter by calling out her idea for what they could stand for. This started around 2011 and continues today.

As you can see, I fancy myself as a bit of a “creative”. I spend my days coming up with television ideas at a place called Company 11. I’m lucky; I work in an office for a guy that never freaks out when I start a conversation with “what about…” So, the next day I pulled a napkin I doodled on and said “what about this?” On the napkin were two words: NASA and YAKRONYM.

“What is it?” my boss questioned.

“It’s this game that I like to play with my daughter. What do you think about making games too?”

“OK” was his response, and here we are.

A Bit of Backstory

Eric and I both have daughters – we met when I was assigned his kid on my daughter’s soccer team. We became friends and started working together. The only mandate I was given was lets come up with GOOD TV. When the inkling of creating games began – we both agreed that they have to be GOOD GAMES that would bring people together (and that our daughters would like to play).

From that night, we’ve been operating under the mandate that we will create games that keep people present with those around them, games that will inspire conversation, and games that will hopefully become tradition for families and friends.

YAKS – The Acronym Game is Co11 Games first offering. We’ve already created some memories for ourselves with the game. We started on Kickstarter and the first games have been in the hands of our backers for about two months… it’s been surreal to hear that our little idea has helped others create memories too.

So, yeah, that’s what were trying to do: we’re in the business of making games that will in turn help your friends and family make some memories. In business you are tasked with creating a brand, an identity that you’ll hopefully be known for.

So here we are: we’re Co11 Games. We like to say we’re “giving everyone something to talk about.”