My family, Matt of Co11 Games, has always had a tradition of gathering as many as possible for the large Thanksgiving feast and, as a part of that tradition, playing Scrabble pre dinner and Trivial Pursuit with pie. The games were as anticipated as the meal itself. Some of my fondest memories of family come from the games we played; my grandmother’s constant decrees that a word wasn’t in the Scrabble Dictionary still bring a smile to all in my clan. (It should be noted: we never had a Scrabble Dictionary until Grandma passed – all the words were clearly in its pages.)

So, as the Thanksgiving Holidays creeps closer Co11 Games wanted to share their favorite Holiday Games. Below is a list of games we all love to play with our friends and families. Almost all of these are available on Amazon Prime so that an order now will come with the promise of turkey day game play.



Plain and simple, this is the game that says holidays for us. Scrabble is a rare gem, a game where the youngest member of a family can play one letter and create a 2 point word and the wisest player can play the same single tile for hundred of points on a congested board. One of my favorite parts of this game is the mid 1970’s version we’ve been playing since I can remember and the score cards still in the box from so many years past. This was the first game I bought when I moved away from home even though I plan on grabbing the worn and beaten copy from my parents when the time is right.

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2 – Trivial Pursuit

Some families subscribe to magazines or buy quirky novelty books for their time on the can. I come from a family that had a patriarch with the foresight and wisdom to place the Trivial Pursuit cards in the bathroom for his spawn to read. The end result is a family that will destroy you in the original version of the game… and always seem moderately good at Jeopardy. BTW: This was once a deeply kept secret but my sister let the cat our of the bag. And, yes, we were a family that prided itself on washing our hands throughly.

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3 – Monopoly

For some reason this game has seen a huge resurgence in our family’s rotation due to the new generations interest. Kids seems to love Monopoly way more than I could have ever foreseen.  That said, I think it’s been 25 years since I’ve actually finished a game instead of everyone just giving up because one player had hotels on multiple properties. I think it’s important to note that anyone who was wise enough to invest in the Red properties (Illinois Ave, etc) is likely a business tycoon considering how often I landed there and had to mortgage everything just to stay afloat.

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4 – Cards Against Humanity

This is the new juggernaut of family tabletop gaming. Yes, it’s clearly intended for adults but I know my family isn’t alone in inviting the 8 year olds to play when the black box hits the table. This game is still damn funny and it becomes downright endearing when you have a mass of 80 year old grandparents flanked by 4th and 5th graders trying to figure out the funniest nouns to add to the phrase “I drink to forget…”

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5 – Mind Your Language

This is a newer game that we stumbled on when trying to find an avenue to sell YAKS. The game play is super simple and the end result is close to an hour of fun. Basically, call a color as you flip a card and the first person that reads the circularly printed word wins the card. Yep! That’s it! Just wait until you or a friends exclaims “Thunder C_NT!”

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Another new game on our list; this was made by someone that reached out to us on Kickstarter as YAKS was in midst of its campaign. We bought a copy and have loved playing it often. Listen, we love dice and this game is all dice. When your family rounds the table and your scrambling to list movies while your 80 year old mom is rolling the timer dice… you’ll get it.



7 – Jarring Questions

This game arrived with a first time Holiday Dinner guest last year and the family loved it. It’s basically an opportunity to ask family members intimate questions. This game really came in handy to avoid any type of political discussion – when that tainted topic arose whoever was closest to the bucket of chips grabbed one the mood of the room jumped right back to pleasant… awkward, but pleasant.

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8 – CLUE

No idea why this game is always close to the top of the pile of games but someone always grabs it and we always play it. (It’s always Col. Mustard in the Parlor with the candlestick.)


So, if your family is like mine and a board game is tradition or if you need something to focus on instead of the usual banter we’re happy to recommend each of these great games… unless, of course, you don’t have a copy of YAKS – The Acronym Game yet. If that’s the case then to heck with what you’ve read above… you’re not going to beat the fun of watching random letters becomes memorable phrases and exclamations.




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