Company 11 is an entertainment production company run by Eric Christensen who has close to 30 years experience making things you’ve watched on TV from “The American Music Awards” to Discovery Channel’s “Eaten Alive” where he ran around South America trying to find a snake willing to eat a man wearing an un-crushable suit. Eric has survived and thrived in the Hollywood trenches and Company 11 is his opportunity to do things his way.

Eric started by hiring a slightly strange Creative Director named Matt who had been a comedy writer before becoming a father and then opening a restaurant. When Company 11 was founded Matt had just shuttered the doors to Not a Burger Stand in Burbank and was ready to dive back into the creative world full time.

Ok – so, that’s all the background you need on how Company 11 was formed. This genesis is the beginning of Co11 Games too.

While Eric and Matt toiled around the table creating pretty fantastic TV and film projects they’d often wax philosophical about board games and family time and their kids total addiction to Mine Craft. Then, one day the AH-HA moment hit.

Eric had a poker night and was prepping cards and chips when his kid asked to learn the game. After 5 minutes of teaching she exclaimed the cards were boring. Eric’s kid had lost interest in learning about poker because the cards were “blah” to her. So… Eric set out the next day to conceive a version of poker that would keep her interest and, along the way, created a card game that will soon reach the market called “Go Team.”

So, while play-testing and creating the art for “Go Team” both Eric and Matt couldn’t help themselves but noodle on game ideas each and every day. Strangely, a game that took place in Matt’s car didn’t present itself until a random Wednesday night when Matt had written down the rules and name on a napkin at a wine bar.

“YAKS – The Acronym Game” was a little something that Matt and his daughter played while driving any of the thousands of LA highways. See a few random letters on a building you don’t recognize; create a phrase that fits them. The game hit full tilt when Matt’s 8 year old saw a building in LA that said ‘CBFJ’ on the door and quickly exclaimed “Cool Beans Funky Jesus.”

So, with less art and a much quicker (“easier”) development process “YAKS” made it to the top of Co11 Games heap. When our first ALPH-Dice arrived from the factory we had a hunch we’d created a game people other than ourselves would love. When the mini-Yaks arrived we knew we had something people would really come to love.

So – what is Co11 Games? We are a game company that endeavors to get families and friends gathered around a table. We have one game in production and three more in development. Each one is simply designed to play effortlessly on any flat surface groups of people have congregated around. We think there may be no higher honor than to be the game you pull out to play when your friends or loved ones have come by. We’re working hard to earn that from you and yours.

Game on!

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